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PostWysłany: Sob 16:46, 20 Sty 2007 Temat postu: EDR EUROPEAN FAN ASSOCIATION

Dear All,
I apologise in advance if i have posted this topic in the wrong section.

My name is Ema I have been a great Edr fan since the first time it was broadcasted in Italy in 2003 and i'm so glad to learn that even outside italy this tv series has obtained such a great success as well as the love and support of many fans. This is the highest reward for all the people who put so much effort on this timeless story. As you may know already director Cinzia TH Torrini spent 3 years working on the 1st series of EDR. And the results? An intriguing historical plot, complex but yet fascinating characters ( even the secondary ones), beautiful sceneries and a breath-taking romance. We couldn't help but falling in love with EDR. The story of Elisa and Fabrizio got under our skin. Episode by episode their passion involved us emotionally. We suffered, hoped for our characters to win the battle against political plots, society and jealousies to seem them finally together. No wonder that in my country this tv series was follwed by 12 million of people and won 4 television awards ( no other italian tv show has managed to obtain such a high record).

The popularity of this show convinced the porducers to go for a sequel. Although part of the cast ( Preziosi and director Cinzia) were reluctant to accept for several reasons, the producers decided not to postpone the project and continue without them. The character of fabrizio is killed in the second episode and Elisa finds a relief to her sorrows by falling in love with Cristian. Director Cinzia Torrini was substituted by Stefano Alleva after the 6th episode.

These choices disappointed most fans. EDR2 shattered the dreams of all the people who for 13 episodes have been longing to see elisa and fabrizio together. Apart from that, the presence of many goofs and incostistencies point out a remarkable lack of attention to the details so badly in contrast with the high level of accuracy used in the first series. The comparison is inevitable. The general feeling is that EDR2 was just a means to exploit the previous success and cash in more money.

Producers claimed that the sequel was created only to please the fans' requests. Surely, but nobody expected to put such a bad end to our dreams. We would rahter have had no sequel at all. In facts, viewers rating dropped drastically and many complains followed. Edr official fan forum was literally overwhelmed with complaints addressed to producers. The moderators were forced to create an ad-hoc section to post complaints and temporarily close down Alessandro Preziosi's section because the complaints were too many too handle. This happened in 2005 and although the situation is definitively improved, many fans still believe that edr2 is not the right sequel.

The same thing now is occurring in other countries where elisa2 was recently broadcasted. A finnish supported prposed to create an European fan association in order to reunite all the fans of EDR. This would give us the opportunity to gather together online and discuss about topics concerning our favorite tv drama. One of the aims is also to obtain the right sequel for EDR. A two-episode tv drama or a film which should put a more dignifying end to our story. It may look unlikely to happen but it is our last chance to demonstrate how much the "real" EDR means to all of us . We may not see our elisa and fabrizio on tv again but we would like the producers, scripwriters to realize how many fans don't accept to come to a compromise with their dreams and still has a hope for elisa and fabrizio.
As you may know, the Third sequel will have a new protagonist, Agnese and there will be a time gap of 15 years... Producers decided to start afresh with a brand new story rather than continuing with Elisa and Cristiano (hint...hint...someone realized there was a mistake in that story!!!!!). We're all happy about it ( and we hope no more sequels will be made) but we still feel that something needs to be done for the original characters. The ones we all fell in love with.

For this reason I would like to invite you to take a look at the following topics and join the discussion!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP AS WELL
( if you have any problem with the language to register or to post , please reply to this topic and I will happy to help!!!)

A PROPOSAL FOR EdR’s EUROPEAN FANS ASSOCIATION ! ( bilingual topic italian-english)

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

EDr fa strage di cuori in Europa ( edr conqueers Europe)

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

I fans europei non si rassegnano ( European fans do not gave up) ( this topic has been addressed directly to edr producers if you would like to have your say contact me i will help you to register !!!)

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
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